Chilliwack - They were formed by guitarist Bill Henderson in 1971 and they were one of the first Canadian bands to receive recognition outside their home country, with their music ranging from soft, melodic country rock to balls-to-the-wall hard rock.Henderson and drummer Brian " too loud " Macleod went on to form Headpins with the seriously hot Darby Mills in 1982 when Chilliwack was inactive following an impasse with their record company. Headpins was a fairly successful band, no doubt helped by the fact that Darby Mills was quite an attraction herself, not to mention a very good vocalist. The featured track was also released on a Headpins album, giving it the Mills treatment!


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Biography by John Bush
Formed in Vancouver as the Classics and later the Collectors, Bill Henderson (guitar, vocals), Claire Lawrence (keyboards, sax), Glenn Miller (bass), Ross Turney (drums) and Howie Vickers (vocals) recorded several singles from 1967 to 1970, but changed their name to Chilliwack after Vickers and Miller left the group. The band had several Canadian hits in the 1970s and early '80s, from their 13 albums: Chilliwack (1970; for Parrot), Chilliwack (1971; for A&M), Music for a Quiet Time (1972), All over You (1973), Riding High (1974), Rockerbox (1976), Dreams, Dreams, Dreams (1976), Lights from the Valley (1978), Breakdown in Paradise (1979), Wanna Be a Star (1981), Opus X (1982), Segue (1983) and Look In, Look Out (1984). Brian Macleod (keyboards, sax) and Howard Froese (guitar) joined in 1977. 


Howard Froese
Bill Henderson
Claire Lawrence
Brian MacLeod
Ross Turney
Howie Vickers
Glenn Miller

The Classics

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Chilliwack - 1971 - Chilliwack - 2/5

Chilliwack - 1972 - All Over You - 2/5

Chilliwack - 1975 - Rockerbox - 2/5

Chilliwack - 1977 - Dreams, Dreams, Dreams - 3/5

Chilliwack - 1978 - Lights from the Valley - 2/5

Chilliwack - 1980 - Breakdown in Paradise - 3.5/5

Chilliwack - 1981 - Wanna Be a Star - 4.5/5

Chilliwack - 1982 - Opus X - 3.5/5

Chilliwack - 1984 - Look in Look Out - 2.5/5



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