Catfish -  Now we go to the other side of the world, to the US, and we meet up with Bob "Catfish" Hodge and his band, a blues/country/folk/rock quintet formed in the late sixties. Guitarist/vocalist Hodge was joined by Mark Manko, Jimmy Optner and Harry Phillips, but unfortunately the album sleeve doesn't say who played what. Hodge had a tremendously powerful voice and this was very apparent on the band's second album, "Live Catfish", recorded in Detroit, Michigan in 1971. It's not known if either of these albums, originally released on Epic Records, have been released on CD yet. Catfish Hodge went on to record under his own name in 1973, releasing about six albums, with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Thackery and James Cotton. His "Bout with the Blues", released in 1981, was excellent.

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Catfish - 1970 - Get Down - 4/5



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