Captain Beyond - Fantasy, taken off " Dawn Explosion ", released in 1977. ( CB are the subject of this week's Dino Quiz, number 151). This was the third and final offering from this awesome US outfit who were formed in the early seventies by two Iron Butterfly members, Larry " Rhino" Reinhardt on guitars and bassist Lee Dorman, vocalist Rod Evans, one of the founder members of Deep Purple in the late sixties, and drummer Bobby Caldwell, of Johnny Winter fame. Their first self-titled album, released in 1972, is undoubtedly one of the finest hard rock albums ever recorded, and is highly recommended. Their second album, " Sufficiently Breathless", released the following year, was equally as good, but featured Marty Rodriguez on drums, replacing Caldwell, who went on to become a founder member of the great Armageddon. Captain Beyond folded after the second album, but reformed in 1977, with Caldwell back in the fold, although vocal duties were now taken care of by "Truk" drummer/vocalist Willy Daffern ( a Bill Daffern is also featured with a late sixties psych outfit called " Hunger". Anybody know if it's the same guy?). " Dawn Explosion", released as the disco era was getting into full swing, was and still is an incredible album. All three of this great band's albums are now on CD. A whole bunch of European bands, such as Standarte, Qoph, Orchid Leaves, The Flower Kings and Zello, released a tribute to Captain Beyond last year called '' Thousand Days of Yesterdays". It's amazing to know that so many bands were influenced by this fantastic band! A copy of this CD is this week's giveaway prize. Captain Beyond, we are pleased to report, are very much alive today, and plans are afoot to release a new album this year. If you missed them first time round, now's your chance to make amends.

Question: " Name the famous band that guitarist Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt was in prior to forming Captain Beyond. Was it Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer or Iron Butterfly?"
Answer: Iron Butterfly.

Captain Beyond 
  Captain Beyond - Thousand Days of Yesterdays, from their self-titled debut album, released in 1972. Anybody who professes to be a fan of 70's rock should have this classic album in his or her collection. I t has everything you'd expect to hear from a band felt by many to be one of the best rock outfits of all time, from searing guitar breaks to moody, s oulful passages. As we've mentioned on a few occasions in these pages in the past, the band was formed by ex-Iron Butterfly members, Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt on guitars and Lee Dorman on bass, together with ex-Deep Purple vocalist Rod Evans and ex-Johnny Winter drummer Bobby Caldwell. This debut album, originally released on Capricorn Records, came out on CD a few years back, as did the f ollow-up, "Sufficiently Breathless", which was released in 1973 (with Marty Rodriguez replacing Armageddon-bound Caldwell). The band was effectively put on ice after the release of "Sufficiently Breathless", but reformed for the excellent "Dawn Explosion" in 1977, albeit with ex-Truk/Hunger vocalist Willie Daffern fronting the band in place of Evans. This reformation didn't last too long and Captain Beyond were no more. The great news is that the band are once again a going concern today, and there's the exciting prospect of a new album soon. If you have this stunning band's albums in your collection, bet you a nything you like that you'll still be listening to them and enjoying them t wenty or more years from now. Nobody makes rock music like this anymore, and we're extremely proud to say that a track from this debut album, "Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)", is featured on our first Dinosaur Days CD which came out in 1998.  

Biography by William Ruhlmann
Captain Beyond was a rock group formed in Los Angeles in 1972 by ex-members of other prominent groups. Singer Rod Evans (b. January 19, 1947, Slough, Berkshire, England) had been with Deep Purple; drummer Bobby Caldwell had worked with Johnny Winter; and guitarist Larry Rheinhart (b. July 7, 1948, Florida) and Lee Dorman (b. September 15, 1945, St. Louis, MO) had been in Iron Butterfly. This lineup made their self-titled debut album for the Southern rock label Capricorn in 1972, after which Caldwell was replaced by Marty Rodriguez for their second album, Sufficiently Breathless (1973). Captain Beyond became inactive following the departure of Evans, but it was reorganized in 1976. Caldwell returned, and Willy Daffern was added as vocalist for Captain Beyond's third album, Dawn Explosion (1977), recorded for Warner Bros. Dawn Explosion was Captain Beyond's final effort. 



Johnny Winter
Iron Butterfly
Deep Purple

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Captain Beyond - 1972 - Captain Beyond - 4.5/5

Captain Beyond - 1973 - Sufficiently Breathless - 4.5/5

Captain Beyond - 1977 - Dawn Explosion - 2/5



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