Capability Brown - No Range, from "From Scratch", their debut album, released in 1972. If you enjoy UK bands like Rare Bird and the aforementioned Audience, then you'll really like Art rockers Capability Brown. A septet, the band members were Grahame White and Tony Ferguson on vocals, guitars and bass, Kenny Rowe (ex-Moments) on vocals, bass and percussion, Joe Williams on vocals and percussion, Roger Willis on keys, drums and vocals and Dave Nevin on keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals (talk about everybody playing everybody else's gear!). Their vocal harmonies were superb and the music, from melodic acoustic material to the more mainstream rock found on their debut, was top notch. Their two studio albums ("Voice", the second and last album, came out in 1973), were both released on Charisma Records. A third album, "Liar", which was released in 1976, is essentially a compilation of their two studio albums. A classy band that showed much promise.

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Joe Williams
Tony Ferguson
Dave Nevin
Ken Rowe
Grahame White
Roger Willis

The Beach Boys
The Association

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Capability Brown - 1972 - From Scratch - 3.5/5

Capability Brown - 1974 - Voice - 3.5/5



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