They were formed in Cardiff in the late sixties by vocalist/bassist Burke Shelley, drummer Ray Phillips, and the aforementioned Bourge.This line-up stayed together for the first three albums before Phillips left, to be replaced by Pete Boot, who, in turn, was replaced by Steve Williams. Budgie relocated Stateside in the late seventies and recorded two albums for the famous A & M record label, "Impeckable" being the last of the two. They returned to the UK in 1980 and released a 12 inch single, "If swallowed, do not induce vomiting", and an album, "Power Supply", both on the Active record label. By now, they had adopted an almost boogie/rock a la AC/DC sound, which actually went down quite well. This late seventies/early eighties period was also the early stages of what became known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, and Budgie were up against many talented ( and not-so-talented! ) groups, such as Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Demon. They recorded a further two albums in 1981 and 1982, both quite good, and with the final album, "Deliver us from Evil", featuring keyboard player, Duncan Mackay, before splitting in 1982. One or two rumours about a mooted Budgie reformation have been bandied about. We can only but hope!
Budgie are featured on the new Dinosaur Days CD.

Budgie - Hot as a Docker's Armpit, taken off "Squawk", their second album, released in 1970. Budgie are, as a result of numerous requests, the subject of this week's Dino Quiz, number 163, and the giveaway prize is a copy of "Heavier than Air - Rarest Eggs", a double live compilation released a few years ago. Welsh hard rockers Budgie started out in the late sixties as "Six Ton Budgie". One of the best rock trios of all time, the band was comprised of Burke Shelley on bass and vocals, Tony Bourge on guitars and Ray Phillips on drums. They underwent a number of major changes in the drumming (Pete Boot and Steve Williams) and guitar ( Rob Kendrick and John Thomas) department during their thirteen or so years together, with the gravel voiced Shelly the only remaining member, but they mostly retained their status as a power hard rock trio, although live on stage, as can be heard on the giveaway CD, a second guitarist, Myfyr Isaac, featured with the band during the mid seventies. Keyboard player Duncan Mackay also featured with the band, in 1982, on their final album, "Deliver us From Evil". Budgie were, unquestionably, one of the most influential hard rock outfits in the world, and it was a sad loss to the genre when Shelley dissolved the group in the late eighties. Rumour has it that a Budgie reformation is in the pipeline, something we look forward to with great anticipation. Just in case you didn't know, Budgie are featured on our second Dinosaur Days CD, released earlier this year, and have been featured, and will continue to be featured, many times on the show.

Budgie - Breadfan, from "Never Turn Your Back on a Friend" in 1973, their third album. Welsh hard rock outfit Budgie were formed in the late sixties by drummer Ray Phillips, bassist/vocalist Burke Shelley and guitarist Tony Bourge, initially as Six Ton Budgie. They signed to MCA Records and released their stunning, self-titled album in 1971. Their powerful, heavy sound made them a very popular live act and they built up quite a solid fan base. Artist Roger Dean, well known for his work with Uriah Heep, Osibisa, Gravy Train, Paladin and others, also drew a number of their famous covers. Our featured track, probably their best known number, was covered by none other than Metallica, and this exemplified the kind of respect that Budgie had accrued with many metal/hard rock bands during their thirteen or so years together. Phillips left after this album (to form Woman and then Tredegar) and was replaced by Pete Boot, who appeared on the follow-up album, "In for the Kill", released in 1974. Boot, in turn, was replaced by Steve Williams. Tony Bourge also left the band in the late seventies and was replaced by ex-George Hatcher Band guitarist John Thomas. The band's popularity grew in the US, resulting in them touring and living there for two years, with Rob Kendrick( ex-Trapeze) standing in for Thomas. They returned to the UK in the early days of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene and were quite successful, although they finally folded at the end of the eighties, having released ten official albums (a few previously unreleased live albums surfaced later on). Shelley worked with a new trio, The Superclarkes, and Phillips later "reformed" Six Ton Budgie with his guitarist son, Justin. Other Budgie off-shoots were Freez, Titus Oats and Bombshell. Apparently, Budgie have reformed and have been playing the odd live gig. It would be great if they released a new album! 


Pete Boot
Tony Bourge
Rob Kendrick
Ray Phillips
Burke Shelley
Jim Simpson
John "J.T." Thomas
Steve Williams
Andy Hart

Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Juicy Lucy
Pink Floyd
Frank Zappa
Led Zeppelin

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Budgie - 1971 - Budgie - 4.5/5

Budgie - 1972 - Squawk - 4/5

Budgie - 1973 - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend - 4.5/5

Budgie - 1974 - In for the Kill - 2.5/5

Budgie - 1975 - Bandolier - 4/5

Budgie - 1976 - If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules - 2.5/5

Budgie - 1978 - Impeckable - 2/5

Budgie - 1980 - Power Supply - 2/5

Budgie - 1981 - Nightflight - 3/5

Budgie - 1982 - Deliver Us from Evil - 2.5/5

Budgie - 2002 - Life in San Antonio, Reunion Concert - 3.5/5

Budgie - 2004 - Last Stage - 3.5/5



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