Yes, you read/heard right - we're talking the classic Simon and Garfunkel track, but with a slightly bluesy/jazzy/progressive feel, courtesy of this groundbreaking Amsterdam formed Dutch outfit. Do the names Kaz Lux (vocals), Jan Akkerman and Pierre van der Linde mean anything to you? They should, especially guitarist Akkerman, later of Focus fame, as was drummer van der Linde, who also had a short spell with Trace. Kaz Lux had a soap named after him (only kidding! He's a famous Dutch blues singer). The fourth member of the band was bassist Andre Reynen, and this line-up appeared on their self-titled debut album which apparently did fairly well in their home country. A double "best of" was released a few years later, around about the same time that Akkerman and van der Linde were already jamming with Thijs van Leer with the idea of forming what was to become one of Holland's best musical exports. On the subject of Focus, rumour has it that they've reformed, but we're not 100% sure of this. As usual, you'll be the first to know when we know!  
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Brainbox - 1970 - Brainbox - 4/5

Brainbox - 1972 - Parts - 3/5

Brainbox - 1972 - To You - 3.5/5

Brainbox - 2002 - The Very Best Album Ever - 4/5



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