Bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, guitarist Chris Dreja and drummer Jim McCarty had all been members of The Yardbirds in the late sixties. Vocalist John Fiddler was ex- Medicine Head. The quartet signed to Epic Records and released this promising debut album in 1984. Jeff Beck helped out here and there on an album that did fairly well in the US, but didn't rattle too many cages elsewhere. Their second and final album, "Strange Land", which featured Rory Gallagher and Jimmy Page, was r eleased in 1986, but the band split after its release. Renaissance Records r eleased both albums on one CD a few years ago - a great acquisition for Yardbirds fans. 

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Biography by Jason Ankeny
Blues-based hard rock combo Box of Frogs reunited guitarist Chris Dreja, bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, and drummer Jim McCarty, all three founding members of the famed Yardbirds. The trio re-teamed for the first time since the Yardbirds' mid-1968 dissolution to play a 1983 live date at the London Marquee, and the performance proved so successful that they soon founded Box of Frogs with vocalist John Fiddler, formerly of Medicine Head and British Lions. Fellow Yardbirds alum Jeff Beck guested on several tracks on the group's self-titled 1984 LP, with Jimmy Page appearing on the 1986 follow-up Strange Land. Box of Frogs disbanded soon after. 



The Yardbirds
Rory Gallagher
Jeff Beck

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Box of Frogs - 1984 - Box of Frogs - 4.5/5

Box of Frogs - 1986 - Strange Land - 2/5



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