Boxer - All the Time in the World, from "Below the Belt" in 1975, their debut album. Boxer had the potential to be really big. A UK band, they were formed in the mid seventies by ex-Patto members, guitarist Ollie Halsall and vocalist Mike Patto (real name Michael Patrick McCarthy), together with ex-Juicy Lucy bassist Keith Ellis and May Blitz drummer Tony Newman. Their music was basically well played blues/hard rock, which was well demonstrated on all three of their albums. They split in 1977 and reformed a short while later, releasing their "final" album, "Bloodletting", (recorded in 1976 but only released in 1979). Later members of Boxer included ex-Grease Band keyboard player Chris Stainton, ex-Vanilla Fudge/Cactus bassist Tim Bogert,e x-Sparks guitarist Adrian Fisher and Eddie Tuduri. Ollie Halsall was one of the best and most underrated guitarists in the UK at the time. He'd featured with Jon Hiseman in Tempest in 1974. Mike Patto died of throat cancer on 4 March1 979, and this track is dedicated to him. Halsall also died, and we'll have a tribute to him closer to the anniversary of his death in May.  

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Boxer - 1975 - Below the Belt - 2/5

Boxer - 1977 - Absolutely - 4/5

Boxer - 1979 - Blood Letting - 3.5/5



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