Blues Saraceno was one of the better late eighties/early nineties US guitarists in a rock scene that was saturated with "me too" speed freaks that all sounded the same. Unfortunately we can't find any information about him in the reference books we have, a minor irritation that will no doubt be solved by J apie, but the three albums we know of by this talented chap all have their moments. If you enjoy guitarists as diverse as Gary Hoey, Marc Bonilla and Eric Johnson, you'll probably love Blues Saraceno. You may not be able to find his albums too easily, but it's worth making the effort. And no, he's not a blues player, well, at least, not on the albums we have of him, at any rate!

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Biography by Steve Huey
Connecticut's Blues Saraceno was a discovery of Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine, which helped him put out independent instrumental recordings and gave him publicity in the musical community. He eventually replaced Richie Kotzen in Poison. 



David Lee Roth
Richie Kotzen
Gary Hoey
Racer X
Mr. Big
Mark Hummel
Big Dave & The Ultrasonics
The Hoax
Half Way Home
Craig Erickson
Candye Kane
Nathan Cavaleri
Chris Whitley
George Bedard
The Garrett-Sahm-Taylor Band
The Arc Angels

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Blues Saraceno - 1989 - Never Look Back - 2.5/5

Blues Saraceno - 1992 - Plaid - 3/5

Blues Saraceno - 1994 - Hairpick - 4/5



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