Bloodgood were arguably one of the best Christian rock outfits in the world. They were formed in Washington DC in the US by guitarist David Zaffiro and bassist Michael Bloodgood, and featured drummer J.T. Taylor (later replaced by Mark Welling) and vocalist Les Carlsen. They released their debut, self-titled album on Frontline Records in 1986. Initially, they were heavily influenced by the NWOBHMS, especially by bands like Saxon and Iron Maiden, and this was very apparent on their earlier albums. They built up a solid reputation in the US, spreading the gospel with their excellent stage act and stunning presentation and music. A few other albums were released (Detonation in 1987 and Rock in a Hard Place in 1988) before both Zaffiro and Welling left, their replacements being Paul Jackson and Kevin Whistler respectively. The resulting recording, "Out of the Darkness", our featured album, was one of the band's best efforts and featured their "anthem", "Top of the Mountain", one of the best Christian rock tracks ever written. They released a few live albums " Alive in America" and "Shakin' the World", both in 1990. Their final studio recording was 1991's "All Stand Together", and this album featured David Huff on drums and Tim Heintz on keyboards, together with Carlsen, Bloodgood and Jackson. It's a great pity that the band folded after this album, because they were really sounding good at this stage. A Bloodgood "Collection" album was released in 1991 as well - a fitting tribute to a great band whose members were genuine ministers and commited Christians, in addition to being very good musicians. David Zaffiro, in the meantime, has become an accomplished producer and has released two very credible solo albums.

Bloodgood - Seven, from "Rock in a Hard Place" in 1988, their 3rd album. Christian hard rock outfit Bloodgood were formed in Washington, USA, in 1983 by bassist Michael Bloodgood and guitarist David Zaffiro. The band were completed by the addition of drummer Mark Welling and vocalist Les Carlson, a man with a most interesting vocal range and voice. The band's early influences included the likes of early Saxon and Iron Maiden and they later diversified their sound to include a number incredible ballads with thought provoking lyrics. They released about 8 albums and split during the mid to late nineties. A "best of", which actually did feature some of their best material, was also released, and is an excellent introduction to the music of one of the best "white" metal outfits of all time. David Zaffiro's released a number of solo albums to date, but the fate and career history of the rest of the musicians is unknown at this time. 

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Biography by Ed Rivadavia
Bloodgood was an '80s Christian (or "white") metal band hailing from Washington, D.C. Formed in 1985 by vocalist Les Carlsen (formerly a cast member of a Broadway production of Hair), guitarist David Zaffiro, bassist Mike Bloodgood, and drummer J.T. Taylor, they followed in the footsteps of better-known acts like Stryper and Barren Cross in attempting to save souls through metal. Bloodgood toured steadily throughout the decade, and their yearly album releases included 1986's eponymous debut, 1987's Detonation (introducing new drummer Mark Welling), 1988's Rock in a Hard Place, 1989's Out of the Darkness (featuring new members, guitar player Paul Jackson and drummer Kevin Whistler), and, in 1990, not one but two live albums in Live, Vol. 1: Alive in America and Live, Vol. 2: Shakin' the World. Looking to broaden their sound with additional hard rock influences, Bloodgood brought in keyboard player David McKay to soften up 1991's All Stand Together, and the album also benefited from the percussion prowess of former Giant drummer David Huff. But none of this could mask the fact that the group's appeal had become extremely selective — even for a Christian metal band. After issuing their greatest-hits album, The Collection, later that year, and yet another live album in 1993 entitled To Germany With Love!, Bloodgood decided it was time to go their separate ways. 




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Bloodgood - 1986 - Bloodgood - 3.5/5

Bloodgood - 1987 - Detonation - 3/5

Bloodgood - 1988 - Rock in a Hard Place - 2.5/5

Bloodgood - 1989 - Out of the Darkness - 2.5/5

Bloodgood - 1990 - Live, Vol 1, Alive in America - 3/5

Bloodgood - 1990 - Live, Vol. 2, Shakin' the World - 3/5

Bloodgood - 1991 - All Stand together - 2.5/5



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