Yep, here they are again - probably Germany's best ever seventies-era rock outfit. You can read up on this great band elsewhere on these pages, but just in case you're too lazy to go through the motions....Their roots go back to the late sixties in Cologne when they were formed as a student band by drummer/vocalist Bernd Noske, guitarist/vocalist Bruno Frenzel, organist Reinhold Sobotta and bassist Bernd Kaschmidder. The early days saw them tour Beirut, Austria and Germany, where they apparently built up a solid following. Their self-titled debut album, released in a novel "birth control" circular sleeve, was released in 1970. It was highly progressive with a psychedelic edge and an original sound. The follow-up album, "Operation", came out in 1971 and it featured a more conventional side of this talented band. By the time their third album, "Hoodoo Man", was released, the band had moved over to CBS Records. Released in 1972, it could be considered to be their most experimental album, with some seriously different bits and pieces! Further albums were released, including the double "Live" album in 1974.(Guitarist Dirk Steffens, who appears on our first Dinosaur Days album, featured alongside Frenzel on the Chicago-ish "Rebirth" album in 1973). Keyboard player Zeus B.Held also joined from the "Rebirth" album, as did new bassist Peter Foller. Our featured album was a conceptual effort in a more a-typical progressive style, which once again demonstrated the versatility of this very talented band. They moved to Brain Records from here onwards and released four albums for the label."Count on Dracula", a good rocking album, came out in 1980 on their new Ariola label, as did "Deal done at Night" in 1981. There appeared to be a bit of a drought after 1982's "Bang" album and it would be more than ten years before a new official album would be released. The live "Condomium" album, recorded in 1993, featured Horst Stachelhaus on bass, Xaver Fischer on keyboards, Rocco Zodiac on guitar and Bernd Noske on drums and vocals. The album proved that Birth Control were still a serious force to be reckoned with and that they were back with a bang. Since then, "Two Worlds", "Jungle Life" and "Getting There" have been released, with the latest being" Live Abortion", reviewed in the new releases section a few weeks ago. Both Bruno Frenzel and Horst Stachelhaus are sadly no longer with us. All credit, though, to Bernd Noske, for keeping this exceptional band alive all these years. He is an excellent drummer and singer and deserves more recognition than he's afforded.


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Birth Control - 1970 - Birth Conrol - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1971 - Operation - 3/5

Birth Control - 1972 - Hoodoo Man - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1973 - Rebirth - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1975 - Plastic People - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1976 - Backdoor Possibilities - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1977 - Increase - 2/5

Birth Control - 1978 - Titanic - 4/5

Birth Control - 1979 - Live - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1980 - Count on Dracula - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1981 - Deal done at Night - 2.5/5

Birth Control - 1983 - Bang - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1993 - Condomium - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1996 - Jungle Life - 4/5

Birth Control - 1997 - Birth Control (Repertoire) - 4/5

Birth Control - 1997 - Two Worlds - 3.5/5

Birth Control - 1999 - Getting There - 1.5/5



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