Balance had the potential to be huge: catchy riffs, good production and great playing, they had it all, but unfortunately they only lasted for two years and two albums. Vocalist Peppy Castro and guitarist Bob Kulick, older brother of Kiss' Bruce Kulick, put this band together in 1981 with a number of seasoned session players. It took a while, but both albums were released on CD about three years ago. Kulick joined Meatloaf and later formed "Skull". 

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Biography by William Ruhlmann
American pop/rock group led by singer Peppy Castro, former leader of Blues Magoos, and featuring keyboard player Doug Katsaros and guitarist Bob Kulick. Their album Balance and singles "Breaking Away" and "Falling in Love" were in the charts in 1981 and 1982. After their debut album, they added bassist Dennis Feldman and drummer Chuck Burgi, but broke up after the release of their second album, In for the Count. 



Blues Magoos

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Balance - 1981 - Balance - 4/5

Balance - 1982 - In For The Count - 3/5



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