They had evolved from Babyface and were formed by guitarist Bobby Barth, who recently reformed the band after they split in the mid 80's.

Axe - Battles, taken off "Axe 5" in 1996, but originally released on their stunning debut album in 1979. Evolving out of "Babyface", Axe were formed by guitarist/vocalist Bobby Barth. The other members were keyboard player/vocalist Edgar Riley jnr, bassist Mike Turpin and drummer Teddy Mueller. Recruiting guitarist Mike Osbourne, they changed their name to Axe and released their debut album on MCA Records. They released four really excellent albums before Osbourne was killed in a car crash in 1984. The band split, with Barth moving on to Blackfoot with Ricky Medlocke. Barth also released a solo album around about the same time. He reformed Axe in 1989, with UFO's Andy Parker, but no new recordings surfaced. Barth, Riley jnr and Mueller reformed Axe in the mid 90's, together with a couple of other musicians, and Axe is back with a bang, sounding as good as they ever did. Barth is also involved in production work with bands like Cita ( Guild of Ages ) and Red Rock Roosters, a seriously good Southern Rock-type outfit.

Axe - Living on the Edge, the title track of their 2nd album, released in 1980. You can read up on guitarist/vocalist/producer Bobby Barth and his excellent US melodic hard rock outfit elsewhere in these pages, as we've featured them on numerous occasions in the past on The Dinosaur Days. Just to recap, though, they evolved out of a late seventies outfit called Babyface. Axe released four brilliant albums and split in the mid 80's, with Barth joining Blackfoot for a while. He also released a solo album, "Two Hearts One Beat", in 1986. He revived Axe in the late nineties and also featured with Red Rock Roosters. You'll also spot his name on the covers of Cita and Guild of Ages albums. The great news, however, is that the great Axe are back and are sounding better than ever. 

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Biography by William Ruhlmann
Axe was a rock band from Florida formed in the late '70s by former members of Babyface. The lineup was Bobby Barth (guitar, lead vocals), Edgar Riley (keyboards, backing vocals), Mike Osbourne (guitar), Mike Turpin (bass), and Teddy Mueller (drums). They reached the charts with their third album, Offering, but Osbourne was killed in an automobile accident in 1984. 



Hanoi Rocks

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Axe - 1979 - Axe - 2/5

Axe - 1980 - Living on the Edge - 3.5/5

Axe - 1981 - Offering - 3/5

Axe - 1983 - Nemesis - 3/5

Axe - 2000 - V - 4/5

Axe - 2001 - Crown - 4/5



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