Audience were formed in London in the late sixties. Their first album, released on Polydor Records, is now seriously collectible, as it was withdrawn shortly after its release. They were then signed to Charisma Records for whom they released three studio albums and a great compilation. Guitarist /vocalist Howard Werth recorded a solo album under the name "Howard Werth and the Moonbeams ' in 1975, with members of UK rock outfit, Hookfoot.

Audience - The House on the Hill, a different version of their well known track, this time taken off ( as a bonus track, by the way ) the CD version of their rare-as-chicken-teeth debut album, originally released in 1969. Audience are the subject of this week's Dino Quiz ( number 156 ). We've covered this band on these pages in detail a few months back, so we'll be brief. Once again, by public demand (!), we feature a band that has, over the years, built up a cult following in this country, mostly due to people like Phil Wright and Chris Prior featuring them many times on their shows over the years. In short, Audience were probably one of the best "Art" rock bands to emerge from England in the late sixties/early seventies. They were formed by guitarist/vocalist Howard Werth and bassist/keyboard player Trevor Williams. They split in the early seventies, having released four excellent albums and a compilation called "You can't beat them". They also performed the musical score for the movie "Bronco Bullfrog", also known as "Angel Lane". When Audience folded, Howard Werth went on to form the shortlived "Howard Werth and The Moonbeams", with members of the UK blues/rock outfit Hookfoot, but sales were disappointing and they disbanded in 1975.
Question: Where were Audience from, England, The US or Germany?
Answer: England
Prize: A copy of the album "The House on the Hill".


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Biography by Jason Ankeny
British art-rock unit Audience was formed in London in 1969 by singer/guitarist Howard Werth, saxophonist Keith Gemmell, bassist Trevor Williams, and percussionist Tony Connor. Set apart from their contemporaries thanks to their use of acoustic guitar and saxophone, the group issued their self-titled debut LP in 1969; although the album was a commercial failure, Audience soon landed with Charisma Records, teaming with producer Gus Dudgeon to record the 1970 follow-up Friend's Friend's Friend. House on the Hill, issued a year later, yielded perhaps the band's best-known effort, "Indian Summer," and was followed by a U.S. tour in support of the Faces; however, in the wake of 1972's Lunch, Gemmel left the lineup to join Stackridge, and despite recruiting saxophonist Patrick Neubergh and keyboardist Nick Judd, Audience disbanded soon after. Werth resurfaced as a solo artist in 1975 with a new backing band, the Moonbeams, and an LP, King Brilliant. 



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Audience - 1969 - Audience - 3/5

Audience - 1970 - Friend's Friend's Friend - 3/5

Audience - 1971 - House on the Hill - 4.5/5

Audience - 1972 - Lunch - 2/5

Audience - 1973 - You Can't Beat 'Em - 2/5

Audience - 2002 - Audience (2002 Version) - 3/5

Audience - 2005 - Alive & Screamin' & Kickin' & Shoutin' - 4/5



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