Atlantis was born in 1972 when Hamburg based band Frumpy, led by one of the finest female blues/rock/jazz vocalists in the world, Inga Rumpf, split in that year. Frumpy reformed in 1989. Inga Rumpf is now a successful solo artist, and has been for a number of years. She's also worked with artists and bands as diverse as hard rockers Rockship and stunning jazz pianist Joja Wendt. She's recently released a new solo album which will be featured in the new releases slot shortly.

Atlantis - Friends, from "Live", their 4th album, released in 1975, and recorded at Hamburg's famous Fabrikb etween 1973 and 1975. It's been a while since we've featured this great Hamburg based German outfit. Atlantis were formed in 1972 by vocalist Inga Rumpf, a lady that needs no introduction to Dinosaur Days listeners, bassist Karl-Heinz Schott and French keyboard player Jean Jacques Kravetz, all of whom had been in Frumpy, the German progressive/blues outfit. It would appear that the band wanted to follow a more ''commercial hard rock" direction, and hence Atlantis was born. Recruiting seasoned sesion drummer Curt Cress (Epsilon, Emergency, Orange Peel,etc) and ex-Emergency/Armaggedon/Agitation Free guitarist Frank Diez, they released their self-titled debut album in 1972. Recorded and mixed in London, this album contained one of the best progressive tracks of the day, the awesome "Living at the End of Time", immortalized on the double Vertigo 'Suck it and See" compilation The band's second album, "It's Getting Better", released in 1973, saw future Guru Guru and Touch guitarist, Dieter Bornschlegel and ex-Jeronimo drummer, Ringo Funk, replace Diez and Cress respectively. Their third album, "Ooh Baby", released in 1974, saw the band blatantly aimed at the commercial market, but fortunately retaining their hard edge. This was also the last album to feature Kravetz, who would go on to join fellow German rockers Randy Pie in 1975. Guitarist Alex Conti, ex-Curly Curve and Psy Free, replaced Bornschlegel and keyboard player Adrian Askew (Lucifer's Friend) also joined at this stage, and this was the line-up that featured on the live album. Alex Conti became a founder member of Lake, while Atlantis continued to tour and record a few more albums (Get on Board, Top of the Bill, Alley Cat) before finally splitting in the late seventies. Inga Rumpf has gone on to become a successful jazz and blues singer. Frumpy reformed in the late eighties/early nineties, but, other than three bluesy soul albums, nothing came of this brief reformation.


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Inga Rumpf
Adrian Askew
Ringo Funk
Jean Jacques Kravetz
Karl Heinz Schott



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Atlantis - 1973 - Atlantis - 3/5

Atlantis - 1973 - It's Getting Better - 3.5/5

Atlantis - 1974 - Ooh Baby - 4/5

Atlantis - 1975 - Get on Board - 4/5

Atlantis - 1975 - Live - 4/5

Atlantis - 1976 - Top of the Bill - 4/5



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