A UK outfit, they were formed by ex-(original) Renaissance members, Keith Relf on vocals and harp and Louis Cennamo on bass, Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwell and Steamhammer guitarist Martin Pugh. Their album was a classic, but it unfortunately never received the acclaim that it deserved and the band dissolved shortly after its release. Keith Relf died later on, and Cennamo went on to form Illusion with other members of the original Renaissance line-up. Bobby Caldwell embarked on a fairly successful solo career in the late seventies, but his new jazz-tinged style of music was very different to what he was known for in his days with Johnny Winter, Captain Beyond and Armageddon. Today, Caldwell, together with guitarist Rhino, is back in the reformed Captain Beyond. Armageddon, however, is essential listening for anyone into classic seventies hard rock. Apparently tracks for a mooted second album that never materialized are due to be released in the not too distant future - now that's certainly worth waiting for! By the way, this Armageddon is not to be confused with the German outfit, formed by guitarist Frank Diez in 1970, of the same name, although the German outfit's name was spelt 'Armaggedon'. Also a great band - we'll get around to playing a track off that album in due course.


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Armageddon - 2002 - Crossing the Rubicon - 4/5

Armageddon - 2002 - Embrace the Mystery - 4/5



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