Now here's a band that very seldom disappointed. Formed by ex-Zombies keyboard player, Rod Argent, in 1969, together with his bass playing cousin, Jim Rodford, and ex-Roulettes members, guitarist Russ Ballard and drummer Bob Henrit. Their debut self-titled album, released in 1970, was very much in the Zombies mould. One of the tracks on the album, " Dance in the Smoke", was included on a famous double budget compilation album, " Fill your Head with Rock", which brought the band to the attention of a much wider audience. Subsequent albums were somewhat heavier and yielded two hits, " Hold your head up", and " God gave Rock 'n Roll to you". Russ Ballard became a highly respected songwriter in his own right, and he left Argent to pursue a solo career in 1974, ( this album, " Nexus", was the last studio album to feature him. He was replaced by two guitarists, John Grimaldi and John Verity ).Further albums, although very good musically, didn't do much for the band and they split in 1976. Henrit and Rodford joined The Kinks, Rod Argent also pursued a solo career. He was one of the best rock keyboard players of the seventies. The good news for Argent fans is that their stunning live " Encore" album, released in 1974, has just been released on CD. More news on that as and when we get a copy.

Argent - Hold your head up, taken off "All together now" in 1972, their 3rd album. Argent are the subject of this week's Dino Quiz (number 175), and a copy of this album is the giveaway CD. Argent are another "frequently featured" band on The Dinosaur Days, and they're also well documented on these pages, but just to refresh your memoire....The band was formed in 1969 when keyboard player Rod Argent left The Zombies. He formed the band with his bass playing cousin, Jim Rodford, guitarist/vocalist Russ Ballard and drummer Bob Henrit. They signed to CBS Records and released their self-titled album later that year. Very much in the Zombies' lightweight vein, it paled in comparison to their subsequent albums, which were heavier in style. Our featured track reached number five on the UK charts and also helped to cement Argent's (the man) reputation as one of the UK's best keyboard players. In the meantime, Ballard was also becoming an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, and he left the band to embark on a solo career in 1974. He was replaced by two guitarists, John Verity and John Grimaldi and two final albums, "Circus" and "Counterpoint" were released in 1975 and 1976 respectively before the band folded in 1976. Rod Argent went on to pursue a solo career. Before joining The Kinks, both Henrit and Rodford featured in an outfit called Phoenix. A while back, in our new releases section, we reviewed Argent's classic live "Encore", which is now finally available on CD. Now all we need is for someone to release thea forementioned "Circus" and "Counterpoints" on CD! 

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Rod Argent
Russ Ballard
John Verity
John Grimaldi
Robert Henrit
Jim Rodford

The Zombies
Colin Blunstone
Russ Ballard
Rod Argent
Jo Jo Gunne
The Moody Blues
Uriah Heep
Spooky Tooth
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Three Dog Night
Procol Harum
Jethro Tull
April Wine

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Argent - 1969 - Argent - 3/5

Argent - 1971 - Ring of Hands - 3/5

Argent - 1972 - All together Now - 4/5

Argent - 1973 - In Deep - 2/5

Argent - 1974 - Encore Live in concert - 2/5

Argent - 1974 - Nexus - 2/5

Argent - 1975 - Circus - 2/5

Argent - 1975 - Counterpoints - 2/5



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