Arcara is Russell Arcara on vocals, ex Surgin, and guitarist Karl Cochran, joined by a bunch of other musicians. This is an album of good, solid riffy hard rock with the odd ballad thrown in just to bring you back down to earth, sort of Bridge Too Far meets Journey, with some great vocals from Arcara. Competent guitar playing and good songwriting and production makes puts this album in the "stand out" league when it comes to melodic hard rock. A second album, much more gentler than the debut, called " A Matter of Time", surfaced in 1997, although this time round, there's no sign of Cochran (except in the "thank you" list). Arcara had now teamed up with guitarists Stephen Deacutis and Larry Tripp, bassist Danny Rongo and drummer Vinny Sisser. Pleasant, but the first album had much more bite.

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Arcara - 1997 - A Matter of Time - 4/5

Arcara - 2004 - Arcara - 4/5



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