Formed in Halifax, Canada, in late 1969, April Wine's initial line-up was comprised of brothers Richie and Dave Henman on percussion/keyboards and guitar/vocals respectively, together with their cousin Jim on bass and vocals and vocalist/guitarist Myles Goodwyn. Their debut, self-titled album was released on the Aquarius label in 1972 when they relocated to Montreal. Lead vocals were initially handled by Jimmy Henman, but during the sessions, Myles emerged as the featured singer. Jimmy Clench replaced Jimmy Henman when the latter left the band in the autumn of 1971 to concentrate on his studies. They then released the album that really established them in Canada in 1972 -"On Record" contained three singles that did very well for them. The Henman brothers later left the band just before the r elease of their third album, "Electric Jewels", which came out in 1974. Their respective replacements were Jerry Mercer and Gary Moffet, and this new line-up debuted as opening act for T-Rex on Labour Day weekend that year. Clench was later replaced by Steve Lang, and this new line-up featured on 1976's "The Whole World's Gone Crazy" album and the excellent "Live at the El Mocambo" in 1977. A third guitarist, Brian Greenway, was added to the line-up in August1 977. "First Glance", in 1978, was the first album to feature this new, and dare we say, best, April Wine line-up. It also proved to be the band's most consistent line-up, writing and performing some of the best material ever r eleased by this great band. The title of our featured album was taken from a line in an X rated movie and their version of the King Crimson classic is one of the best ever recorded. April Wine went on to release a number of e xcellent albums, each as good as or even better than the last, before splitting in the mid eighties, after the release of "Walking Through Fire" in 1985. Myles Goodwyn later released a dodgy dance/programmed album which bore no resemblance to his work with April Wine. The band reformed in the early nineties, and at this stage the members were Goodwyn, Greenway and Steve Segal on guitars, Mercer on drums and Jimmy Clench back on bass, and this line-up released the "Attitude" album in 1993. The old April Wine magic was very much apparent with this great album, although it didn't seem to do too much for them. A further album, "Frigate", featuring the same line-up, came out in 1995. Brian Greenway also released a solo album and Gary Moffet also featured with Travis Mitchell in Mindstorm. "April Wine - Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour", recorded in 1982 and 1985, was released in 1999. Alongside Saga, Triumph and Rush, they were/are one of Canada's finest bands and deserve a spot in the collection of any self-respecting rock afficionado. 

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Myles Goodwyn
Brian Greenway
Jim Clench
David Henman
Ritchie Henman
Steve Lang
Gerry Mercer
Steve Segal
Jimmy Henman
Gary Moffet


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April Wine - 1973 - April wine - 2/5

April Wine - 1973 - Electric Jewels - 2/5

April Wine - 1974 - On Record - 2/5

April Wine - 1975 - Stand Back - 4/5

April Wine - 1976 - Forever Now - 2/5

April Wine - 1976 - the Whole World's Goin' Crazy - 2/5

April Wine - 1979 - First Glance - 3/5

April Wine - 1980 - Harder...Faster - 4/5

April Wine - 1981 - Nature of the Beast - 4/5

April Wine - 1982 - Power Play - 2/5

April Wine - 1984 - Animal Grace - 2/5

April Wine - 1988 - Walking through Fire - 2/5

April Wine - 1993 - Attitude - 3/5

April Wine - 1994 - Frigate - 2/5

April Wine - 1998 - Oowatanite - 4/5

April Wine - 1999 - King Biscuit Flower Hour - 2/5

April Wine - 2001 - Back to the Mansion - 4/5

April Wine - 2003 - From the Front Row Live - 4/5

April Wine - 2004 - I Like to Rock - 4/5



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