Their roots go back to the mid 60's when they were formed by Vangelis Papathanasiou on keyboards and vocals, Demis Roussos on bass and vocals and Lucas Sideris on drums. The had a fairly large hit in Europe in 1968 with "Rain & Tears ". When the band split, Vangelis became involved in producing bands like Socrates, another great Greek band, but he's probably best known for his work with Yes' Jon Anderson ( Jon and Vangelis ) and for his "Chariots of Fire " soundtrack. Demis Roussos became a successful solo artist, and will shortly be releasing a new album, featuring a number of tracks by the UK group, Janus.

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Hatfield and the North

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Aphrodite's Child - 1968 - Aphrodite's child - 4/5

Aphrodite's Child - 1969 - End of the World - 4/5

Aphrodite's Child - 1970 - It's Five O'Clock - 4/5

Aphrodite's Child - 1972 - 666 - 4/5

Aphrodite's Child - 2004 - 666 - 4/5



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