US act Angel were originally known as "Sweet Mama from Heaven" when they were formed in Los Angeles in the early/mid seventies. Perhaps more widely known for their outrageous image and stage shows (all the members were dressed in kitch white satin stage gear!) than for their musical prowess, Angel were discovered by Kiss bassist Gene Simmons who secured them a deal with Casablanca Records in 1975. The original members of the band were Barry Brandt on drums, "Punky" Meadows on guitar, Frank DiMino on vocals, Greg Giuffria on keyboards and Mickey Jones on bass. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1975, was an excellent bit of heavy pomp rock, and their l yrics dealt with battles and events in history. They developed an exciting stage concept which was based on the pure colour of white with various illusions and effects and this won them many fans. Their second album, "Helluva Band", released in 1976, featured one of their best tracks, the lengthy "The Fortune". Our featured album saw Angel adopt a more pop/rock sound and introduced a novel logo which read identically when upside down. Micky Jones was later replaced by Felix Robinson and featured on the follow-up album, "White Hot", also released in 1977. In 1979, Angel were involved in the movie "Foxes" with Cherie Currie , but were later dropped by Casabalanca because of lack of sales. The group split in 1980 after the "Live without a net album", with Giuffria forming his own outfit with guitarist Craig Goldy, bassist Chuch Wright and drummer Alan Krigger. Giuffria also later featured in House of Lords. Angel reformed in the late nineties with original members Brandt and DiMino, and a new album, "In the Beginning", was released in 1999.

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Angel - 1975 - Angel - 2/5

Angel - 1976 - Halluva Band - 2/5

Angel - 1977 - On Earth as It Is in Heaven - 2/5

Angel - 1978 - White Hot - 2/5

Angel - 1979 - Sinful - 2/5

Angel - 1980 - Live Without a Net - 2/5



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