The roots of this stunning Los Angeles based AOR outfit go way back to 1970 when they were formed by guitarist/vocalist David Pack and bassist/vocalist Joe Puerta. Keyboard player Chris North, a man known for playing his keys so hard that his hands bled, and drummer Burleigh Drummond, made up the balance of the band. They were signed to 20th Century Records ( stablemates to the likes of Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra! ), and released this first album in 1975. The featured track was quite a hit for them and helped establish them as one of the US' best and classiest bands. They went on to release a total of five albums, each one featuring some of the best songwriting you've ever heard, before taking a break in the early 80's. They reformed in the late 80's and are still around today. An anthology, featuring some of their best known tracks, as well as a few newer tracks, was released a few years ago, and is essential listening for anyone into intelligently written and expertly played AOR. All five of their studio albums are now also available, so if you missed them first time round, now's your chance to make amends!

Ambrosia - Living on my own, from "One Eighty", their 4th album, released in 1980. Ambrosia are the subject of this week's Dino Quiz (number 178), and the giveaway prize is a copy of "Ambrosia - Anthology", a sixteen track "best of". We've featured Ambrosia many times on The Dinosaur Days in the past and they are well represented on these pages, so we won't go into too much detail about their history at this stage. What we will tell you, (read: "remind" you!), is that their roots go back to 1970 when they were formed in Los Angeles, California, by bassist/vocalist Joe Puerta and vocalist/guitarist David Pack. The other two members of the band were Chris North on keyboards and Burleigh Drummond on drums. Their debut album, "Ambrosia", released in 1975, was mixed by Alan Parsons, who also produced their second album, "Somewhere I've never Travelled".( The various members of the band had appeared on The Alan Parsons Project's debut album, "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" in 1975.). The band went on to become one of the best AOR bands in the US, with numerous charting singles. They unfortunately called it a day after their fifth album, the excellent "Road Island" in 1982. The individual members continued to remain active as session musicians and harmony vocalists. They reformed a few years ago and have released a few new tracks which appear on our giveaway prize.

Question: On whose famous debut album did the members of Ambrosia feature - Rick Wakeman, Duncan Mackay or The Alan P arsons Project?
Answer: The Alan Parsons Project

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Burleigh Drummond
David Pack
Joe Puerta
Christopher North

Pablo Cruise
The Alan Parsons Project
Christopher Cross
Bertie Higgins
Alan Parsons
Robbie Dupree
Dave Mason
Little River Band
Peter Gabriel
Electric Light Orchestra
Andrew Gold
Henry Gross
The Moody Blues

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Ambrosia - 1975 - Ambrosia - 4/5

Ambrosia - 1976 - Somewhere I've Never Travelled - 4/5

Ambrosia - 1978 - Life Beyond L.A. - 2/5

Ambrosia - 1980 - One Eighty - 3/5

Ambrosia - 1982 - Live at the Galaxy - 3/5

Ambrosia - 1982 - Road Island - 3/5



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