Scottish vocalist/guitarist Al Stewart was born in G lasgow on 5 September 1945. He played his first live gigs as lead guitarist in pop/rock band Tony Blackburn and The Sabres, who were fronted by the future DJ and were based in Bournemouth. He later relocated to London where he began w riting his own songs and performing at folk-club venues like Les Cousins and Bunjies. He recorded his first 45 for Decca in 1966 but it didn't sell. He then signed to CBS Records and released his debut album, "Bedsitter Images", in 1967. His following album, "Love Chronicles", released in 1969, was voted Album of the Year in Melody Maker's Annual Survey, although his first charting album was" Zero She Flies", released the following year. For his "Past, Present and Future" album, which came out in 1973, Stewart employed the services of UK folk-rock outfit, Home. Inspired by the book, "The Centuries of Nostradamus", it was a concept album tracing historical events. Although the album failed to c hart in the UK, it helped him develop a strong cult following in the U S, where his next effort, "Modern Times" did quite well. Our featured album, which was produced by Alan Parsons, is probably his best known work, and it secured his first Top 10 hit in the US. He later moved to France and set about expanding his impressive cellar of vintage wines.

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Al Stewart : In the year of the cat

Al Stewart - On the border


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Al Stewart - 1967 - Bedsitter Images - 2/5

Al Stewart - 1969 - Love Chronicles - 3/5

Al Stewart - 1970 - Zero She Flies - 3/5

Al Stewart - 1972 - Orange - 4/5

Al Stewart - 1974 - Past, Present and Future - 3/5

Al Stewart - 1975 - Modern Times - 4/5

Al Stewart - 1976 - Year of the Cat - 4/5

Al Stewart - 1978 - Time Pasages - 4/5

Al Stewart - 1980 - 24 Carrots - 4/5

Al Stewart - 1984 - Russians & Americans - 2/5

Al Stewart - 1988 - Last Days of the Century - 2/5

Al Stewart - 1992 - Rhymes in Rooms - 3/5

Al Stewart - 1993 - Famous Last Words - 3/5

Al Stewart - 1995 - Between the Wars - 2/5

Al Stewart - 1996 - Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - 3/5

Al Stewart - 2000 - Down in the Cellar - 2/5

Al Stewart - 2005 - A Beach Full of Shells - 4/5

Al Stewart - 2005 - Time Passages Live - 4/5



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