Alquin were a Dutch progressive outfit formed in the early seventies by guitarist Ferdinand Bakker, drummer Paul Weststrate, keyboard player Dick Franssen, bassist Hein Mars, horns player Ronald Ottenhoff and sax player/ percussionist Job Tarenskeen. They were signed to Polydor Records and they released their debut album, "Marks", in 1972. Their Beatles/King Crimson/Yes and Focus influences were very apparent on their first album, as they were on their follow-up album, " The Mountain Queen", which was released the following year. For this album, which was produced by Roger Bain ( Black Sabbath / Indian Summer, etc), they adopted a funkier approach, which led to the album being released in the US. They went on to record a total of five albums before disbanding in 1976, after the release of their "On Tour" live album. Bakker and Tarenskeen went on to form The Meteors in 1979. 

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The Meteors


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Alquin - 1972 - Marks - 4/5

Alquin - 1973 - Mountain Queen - 4/5

Alquin - 1975 - Nobody Can Wait Forever - 4/5

Alquin - 1976 - Best Kept Secret - 4/5

Alquin - 1976 - On Tour - 4/5

Alquin - 2001 - Wheelchair Groupie - 4/5

Alquin - 2005 - Blue Planet - 4/5



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