Drummer/multi-instrumentalist Alphonse Mouzon was one of the unsung heroes of the seventies fusion/rock scene. Better known as a drummer, and a damn good one at that, in those days, he employed the services of guitarists Lee Ritenour and Tommy Bolin (who also worked on Billy Cobham's groundbreaking "Spectrum" album the same year. Bolin, as we all know, apart from being one of music's best ever guitarists, featured with Zephyr, The James Gang, Energy, Deep Purple, etc). Anyway, Mouzon's ''Mind Transplant", which was finally released on CD a few years ago, contains some of the finest drumming you're ever likely to hear. It's also considered by many to be a milestone in the fusion/rock genre. Joining Mouzon, Rit and Bolin were Jay Graydon on guitar, Henry Davis on bass and Jerry Peters on keys. Original copies of the album, originally released on Blue Note Records, fetch sizeable sums at record fairs. Mouzon, in the meantime, tried his hand at disco and funk (Poussez,etc) in the late seventies, eventually becoming firmly entrenched in jazz as a multi-instrumentalist in the late seventies/eighties. He formed his own record label (Tenacious Records) and has recorded many solo albums to date. His drumming is rivalled only by his prowess on the keyboards. He's a seriously talented individual, and he certainly deserves a mention alongside the Lenny White's, Billy Cobham's, Omar Hakim's, etc of the world. One of his earlier bands was Eleventh House, talking of which.......

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Steve Smith
Omar Hakim
Norman Connors
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie
Ralph MacDonald
Harvey Mason, Sr.
Billy Cobham
Roy Ayers
Brand X

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Alphonse Mouzon - 1972 - The Essence of Mystery - 3/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1973 - Funky Snakefoot - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1974 - Mind Transplant - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1975 - The Man Incognito - 2/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1976 - Virtue - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1978 - In Search of A Dream - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1981 - By All Means - 2/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1984 - Distant Lover - 3/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1985 - Back to Jazz - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1985 - Back to Jazz - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1987 - Love, Fantasy - 2/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1988 - Early Spring - 3/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1992 - The Survivor - 3/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1994 - On Top of the World - 2/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1995 - As You Wish (Tenacious) - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1995 - As you Wish (with Final Notice) - 4/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 1996 - The Night is Still Young - 3/5

Alphonse Mouzon - 2001 - Live in Hollywood - 3/5



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