The Allmans have a long and distinguished career and reputation as the best and most influential of all the Southern rock bands. They were formed in Macon, Georgia in the US in 1969 by guitarist Duane Allman, who was joined by his keyboard playing brother, Greg, guitarist Dickie Betts, and bassist Berry Oakley. The Allmans were one of the first bands to employ the use of two drummers, "Jaimo" Johanson and "Butch" Trucks. The sextet established themselves as a popular live attraction and their first two albums, "The Allman Brothers Band" and "Idlewild South", were marked by strong blues-based roots and an exciting rhythm drive. Tragedy struck on 29 October 1971 when Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash. Second keyboard player Chuck Leavell was added to the line-up, and just when it seemed as if the band was recovering from the loss of the talented Duane Allman, tragedy struck a second time on 11 November 1972, when Berry Oakely was killed in an accident chillingly similar to that of his colleague. Although the band remained together, they seemed to have lost their earlier spark and both Betts and Greg Allman embarked on solo ventures. Leavell, Jaimo and new bassist Lamar Williams formed Sea Level in the mid seventies and the Allmans did finally split in 1976, although Betts, Trucks and Allman revived the band in 1978. They split for a second time in 1982 after a few badly received albums. Getting closer to the present day, they reformed the band once again in 1989, the line-up being Betts, Allman,Trucks, Allen Woody (bass), Mark Quinones (percussion), Johnny Neel( keyboards) and the great Warren Haynes on guitar. The resulting album, "Seven Turns", was one of the best album releases of 1990 and saw the Allmans back at their best. Which brings us to these two stunning albums, recorded live in concert and in the studio in 1992 and 1994. Warren Haynes and Allen Woody subsequently formed one of the best bands to emerge from the US in the last twenty or so years with drummer Matt Abts, Gov't Mule. Butch Trucks' nephew, steel guitarist Derek, is another up and coming star to look out for. 

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Gregg Allman
Dickey Betts
Warren Haynes
Duane Allman
David Brown
Oteil Burbridge
David Goldflies
Chuck Leavell
Berry Oakley
Marc Quiñones
David Frankie Toler
Butch Trucks
Derek Trucks
Lamar Williams
Allen Woody
Johnny Neel
Jack Pearson

The Hatters
Derek & the Dominos
Duane Allman
Lynyrd Skynyrd
.38 Special
Elvin Bishop
Delbert McClinton
Willie Cobbs
Sea Level
Dickey Betts
The Black-Eyed Snakes
Blind Faith
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Randall Bramblett
Delaney & Bonnie
Thin Lizzy
Bad Company
Grand Funk Railroad
Uriah Heep

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Allman Brothers Band - 1969 - The Allman Brothers Band - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1970 - Idlewild South - 5/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1971 - At Fillmore East - 5/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1972 - Eat a Peach - 5/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1973 - Brothers and sisters - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1975 - Win, Lose or Draw - 1/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1976 - Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1979 - Enlightened Rogues - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1980 - Reach for the Sky - 2/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1981 - Brothers of the Road - 2/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1990 - Seven Turns - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1991 - Shades of Two Worlds - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1991 - Live at Ludlow Garage 1970 - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1992 - An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band First Set - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1994 - Where It All Begins - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1995 - An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band 2nd Set - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 1996 - Fillmore East, February 1970 - 5/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2000 - Peakin' at the Beacon - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2002 - American University 121370 - 3/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2003 - Hittin' the Note - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2003 - Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival July 3 & 5, 1970 - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2003 - American University W.D.C. - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2003 - Stony Brook 91971 - 4/5

Allman Brothers Band - 2004 - One Way Out - 4/5



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