Allgood are an absolute mystery - up to now, we can't find any information anywhere about this great Athens, Georgia (USA) based blues/country rock outfit ( unless our webmaster, Japie, manages to find something, somewhere, about them!. (Webmaster: After two hours I could only find one sentence on them on the net) Allgood are one of the tightest bands you'll hear anywhere. The line-up on this album, released on an obscure label called Meggabitch Records, was John Carter and Clay Fuller on guitars, Charlie Pruet on drums, Mike Sain on bass and Corky Jones on vocals. They do an killer version of the Savoy Brown classic "Can't get next to you", but they also write their own excellent material. Obviously, some bigwig at a major record company saw the band and quickly snapped them up - A&M Records signed the band in 1993, it would appear, and they released two albums for the label, "Uncommon Goal", that year and "Kickin' & Screamin" in 1994, the latter being an exceptionally well performed and well recorded live album. You may find their albums quite difficult to find, but if there ever was a band you need to get to know, Allgood is it. It's well worth your while looking. 

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Allgood - 1993 - Uncommon Goal - 4/5

Allgood - 1994 - Kickin' & Screamin' - 4/5

Allgood - 1994 - Ride the Bee - 4/5



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