Holdsworth is probably THE most respected and acclaimed guitarist in the world, by lovers of rock and jazz a like. His early career included stints with outfits as diverse as Igginbottom's Wrench, Soft Machine, Tempest, Gong, Tony Williams' Lifetime, Jean Luc Ponty, Bill Bruford and others. He released his debut solo album, "Velvet Darkness", on Creed Taylor's CTI jazz label in 1977 and the album featured musical contributions from well known musicians such as keyboard player Alan Pasqua, bassist Alphonso Johnson and drummer Narada Michael Walden. The follow-up album, "Road Games", released in six years later, saw Holdsworth team up with Frank Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman and bassist Jeff Berlin, both highly accomplished musicians in their own right. Jack Bruce (Cream et al), Paul Williams (Juicy Lucy, Tempest, etc) and Paul Korda (Dada, Rare Bird), also featured on vocals. Our featured album, which was actually "Allan Holdsworth with I.O.U", had drummer Gary Husband, bassists Jimmy Johnson and Gary W illis and keyboard player Alan Pasqua, together with Paul Williams on vocals, in the line-up. "Metal Fatigue" was a great album and it featured Holdsworth at his best. Later albums, such as "Atavachron" and "Sand" saw Holdsworth featuring the Synthaxe, a kind of "guitar synthesizer" which is played by keys as well as strings. (The instrument was also played by other guitarists such as Lee Ritenour and Gary Moore). Holdsworth has continued to release albums of a c onsistently high quality, always reminding all and sundry that he has very few equals. 

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Allan Holdsworth - Galaxy Theater Live

Allan Holdsworth - Proto Cosmos

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Allan Holdsworth - 1977 - Velvet Darkness - 1/5

Allan Holdsworth - The Things You See - 1979 - 3/5

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games - 1983 - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - I.O.U - 1985 - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1985 - Metal Fatigue - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1986 - Atavachron - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1987 - Sand - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1988 - With a Heart in My Song - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1989 - Secrets - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1992 - Wardenclyffe Tower - 1/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1994 - Hard Hat Area - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1996 - None Too Soon - 2/5

Allan Holdsworth - 1997 - I.O.U Live - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 2000 - The Sixteen Men of Tain - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 2000 - 'Igginbottom's Wrench - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 2001 - Flat Tire Music for A Non-Existent Movie - 3/5

Allan Holdsworth - 2002 - All Night Wrong - 4/5

Allan Holdsworth - 2004 - Then! Live in Tokyo - 4/5



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