Sitkovetsky is an extremely talented guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, who hails from Russia. We don't have much information on the chap, but Phil has been playing "Zello" on his show for many years and we constantly get requests to feature more tracks from this amazing album. Sitkovetsky is equally at home on acoustic as well as electric guitar. His influences are very definitely Al di Meola, Joe Satriani, etc, not to mention classical music. His album is scarcer than chicken teeth, but if you do find a copy, hold onto it for dear life! Leon's friend, Luyton Driman, met Sitkovetsky in Europe at a music fare many years ago, and it was Luyton who was instumental in introducing us to this great player by bringing in a few dozen copies of the CD. If anybody has any info about Sitkovetsky (i.e.album releases, etc), please let us know.

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