His impressive resume included working with Pink Floyd, Al Stewart, Pilot, Cockney Rebel, Wings and Ambrosia. He forged a partnership with songwriter/keyboard player Eric Woolfson, and the Project was born. Their first album, an epic conceptual effort based on the tales of Edgar Alan Poe, was well received and set the stage for future conceptual albums, some of which were based on science fiction and mysticism. He's also been able to call on some of the best musicians and vocalists in the business. People such as Chris Rainbow, Duncan Mackay, Stuart Elliot, David Pack and that tragically underrated guitarist, Ian Bairnson, were and are, regulars on APP albums. The Parsons/Woolfson collaboration appears to have ended a few years ago and Parsons is now releasing albums under his own name. The magic is still very much there, though - check out his new opus, "Time Machine", and see for yourself.

Alan Parsons Project 
Alan Parsons Project - The Raven, from "The very best of ..Live", released in 1995. This is an excellent version of the track originally released on the band's debut album, "Tales of Mystery and Imagination", released in 1975, and the album, which was recorded on tour in Europe in May 1994, features guitarist Ian Bairnson, keyboard player Andrew Powell, bassists Jeremy Meek and Felix Krish, drummer Stuart Elliott, vocalists Chris Thompson and Gary Howard and sax player Richard Cottle, together with Alan Parsons on rhythm guitar, keyboards and background vocals. The album also features some of their best known numbers, such as "Eye in the Sky", "Prime Time" and "Standing on Higher Ground', in addition to two previously unreleased studio tracks. If you'd like more information on The Alan Parsons Project, check out our earlier write-up on this excellent writer/producer/keyboard player in these pages.

Alan Parsons Project 
Alan Parsons Project - In the Lap of the Gods, from "Pyramid" in 1978, their 3rd album, in the tried and tested Alan Parsons Project conceptual way. You can read up on the APP elsewhere in these pages, but just to let you know that this album was one of a few Project albums to feature keyboard player Duncan Mackay. Guitarist Ian Bairnson is there still, as are David Paton on bass, Stuart Elliot on drums and Eric Woolfson on keyboards. A great album and one to add to the collection - the orchestration and choir on our featured track alone make this a real gem. 





Al Stewart
Eric Woolfson
Colin Blunstone



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Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the sky (live)

Alan Parson project - Don't Answer me (video)


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Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination - 1975 - 4/5

Alan Parsons Project - I Robot - 1977 - 4/5

Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid - 1978 - 3/5

Alan Parsons Project - Eve - 1979 - 3/5

Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a Friendly Card - 1980 - 4/5

Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky (Arista) - 1982 - 4/5

Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue - 1984 - 3/5

Alan Parsons Project - 1985 - 2/5

Alan Parsons Project - Stereotomy - 1985 - 2/5

Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi - 1987 - 2/5

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