Abraxas Pool are the closest to the classic 70's-era Santana you're likely to get. The band was formed in the late nineties by Greg Rolie (keyboards), Neal Schon (guitars), Michael Carabello (congas), Jose "Chepito" Areas (timbales), Alphonso Johnson (bass) and Michael Shrieve (drums), a formidable line-up in anyone's books. It says on the album sleeve that '... Abraxas Pool features the unmistakable blend of Latin percussion, soaring guitar, hard driving keyboards and powerful vocals....reuniting original members of the Santana band'. That basically sums it up - this is one of the best Latin rock albums since the Santana 3 or Malo's debut album, way back in the seventies. Schon, in the meantime, is still with Journey. Look out for their new album within the next month or so. It would appear that Abraxas Pool may only be a side project for most of the featured musicians, but it certainly is a great band with serious promise. A second album wouldn't be out of place, though! 

Abraxas Pool 
Abraxas Pool - Cruzin', from "Abraxas Pool", their debut album, released in 1997. Abraxas Pool are a stunning Latin rock outfit on a par with Santana at their rocking best, which isn't really that surprising, seeing that the band is made up mostly of ex-Santana members. Neil Schon is on guitar, Mike Schrieve is on drums, Gregg Rolie on keyboards, Michael Carabello and Jose "Chepito" Areas are on congas and timbales respectively, and Alphonso Johnson is on bass. This band is nothing short of brilliant and the album is one of the best examples of Latin rock you're likely to find. It's not clear if the band is an ongoing concern or not, because some of the various members do have other commitments (notably Neil Schon in Journey), and we're unaware of any other further recordings from them. It would be a great pity if this collaboration was just a once off - listen to the able album -we're sure you'll agree. 

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"Abraxas Pool features the unmistakable blend of Latin percussion, soaring guitar, hard driving keyboards and powerful vocals...reuniting the original members of the Santana band."
Miramar Productions (March 25, 1997)


Gregg Rolie: Vocals and Keyboards
Michael Shrieve: Drums
Michael Carabello: Congas
Jose "Chepito" Areas: Timbales
Neal Schon: Guitar
Alphonso Johnson: Bass


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Abraxas Pool - Abraxas Pool - 1997 - 3/5

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