Glencoe - Airport, taken off their self-titled debut album, released in 1972. It's so nice to see that quite a few people remember this great band and have requested, on numerous occasions, that we play a few more tracks off either of their two very good albums. Glencoe were a band with tremendous potential, becoming a very popular live act. They were formed in London in 1971 by bassist Norman Watt-Roy, who'd been with The Greatest Show on Earth, guitarist/vocalist Mick Travis and drummer Stewart Francis, both ex-Forevermore, and keyboard player Graham Maitland, ex-Hopscotch. Francis was later replaced by ex-Bell and Arc drummer John Turnbull. Their melodic, unpretentious brand of intelligent rock endeared them well to the punters, but they unfortunately split in the early seventies, having released just the two albums, the first being marginally better than the second. It's a mystery as to why no label, as far as we know, that is, has released these two prime examples of really pleasant British rock. After the split, Watt-Roy and Turnbull would later end up in The Blockheads, backing group to Ian Dury.

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